Honey From the Rock by Lawrence Kushner

“But the light of consciousness with which the world began is yet incomplete.  Hidden.  Imprisoned. Depending on us.  For the Adam-man who left the garden was only partly aware.  And, we might say, perhaps only therefore, partly created.  Even as we, his children, spend our days in wasted unawareness.

To become aware is to come closer to the Creator.  The Holy One.  Source of all awareness light.  Who is Himself of pure eternal light.  To become aware is to join the Holy One in the act of creating oneself.

With a divine prayer were we created, That the light of awareness should not go out.  Many other worlds were created before this one But each of them failed.  Until at last the Creator Made something a little like Himself: Light in the shape of a person.

For you see, We are the result of a desire of awareness, And the prayer of the Creator, To comprehend itself.

We are the reification of the inexorable divine urge To create consciousness.  And thereby fulfill itself.

For consciousness- and You and I – and God – Live to create more light.”

p. 103

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