Great Health

Great health is an ability to digest our experiences. To digest or metabolize experiences is to take whatever is given in any moment – any thought, feeling, or sensation, any cruel word, kind act, or humiliating fall – and transform it – by chewing, mashing, churning, breaking it down – into a sweet stream of energy capable of nourishing our ongoing bodily becoming. -Kimerer LaMothe

22nd Annual West Wave Dance Festival premiere, a success!


Inside Out Contemporary Ballet’s performance of The Shadow of a Doubt, featuring a collaboration with interactive lighting designer Mark Janes, had a successful premiere at this years West Wave Dance Festival.  It was a blessing to perform alongside IOCB dancers Samantha Anton, Katherine Disenhof, Amie McMurchie, and Nina Pearlman at the prestigious ODC Commons Theater in San Francisco.  Big thanks to all who came out to support us!
Shadow Awesome