For Eric

I am going to miss my Fulbright friends so much. This post is a tribute to the one and only Eric Shuman, the man with the plan, who always has his google maps ready leading the way, first on the dance floor, smart and willing to educate you on all things politics and international relations, with the HUGEST heart of any person I have ever met, who knows how to rub two pennies together and make a party, who first brought me to the West Bank and opened my eyes to the Palestinian people, who helped me with translations for my project, who’s floor mattress I could always crash on, who is going to do a Master’s program entirely in Hebrew… Eric, I will never ever ever forget our fun times together. You were there for many of the highlights of my Fulbright experience. I cannot thank you enough. Fulbright friends forever. Best of luck for another miserly, intellectual, and celebratory year in the Middle East. The drip is real. With all my love, Casey

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