10th Anniversary Season of Inside Out Contemporary Ballet! Film Premiere of Taking My Time

Since 2012, Inside Out Contemporary Ballet has produced and performed contemporary dance works throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad.

To commemorate ten years of dance making, Artistic Director Casey Lee Thorne conceived of a film comprised of excerpts from every piece made in the past ten years. This retrospective, choreographic quilt captures glimmers, or threads of the past, that give IOCB’s body of work new meaning. Collaborators include dancers Linda Steele II, Ella Can, and Zara Anwar and composer Ben Juodvalkis.

In the making of our first experimental film, we asked difficult questions about time, relevancy, and togetherness. Stage production was dismantled during the Covid-19 pandemic and we were encouraged to embrace new creative mediums.

As we imagine what the next 10 years will hold, we are prepared to kick-ball-change-and-pivot with the changing tides in the name of story-telling, truth, and beauty. We hope you will join us.