Teaching Philosophy

“The qualities we admire in great dancing are the same qualities we admire in human beings: honesty, courage, fearlessness, generosity, wisdom, depth, compassion, and humanity.” – Alonzo King

My teaching philosophy is rooted in the encouragement of curiosity, wonder, and problem-solving as a class. Inspired by the progressive pedagogical theories of John Dewey and Paolo Freire, I believe that learning is most effective when we have space to practice self-determination.

I demonstrate class combinations fully and have high standards for technical proficiency. I am most interested in self-discovery and critical discourse vis a vis dance. 

I am practiced in teaching groups with mixed abilities, and am sensitive to creating options for students to access class material in a way that is accessible and culturally relevant.

I believe that learning is achieved through devoted practice and commitment to the craft. Over time, authenticity shines through. We develop trust in our ideas and the movements we make, giving us agency to be who we truly are. We practice freedom by practicing dance.

I believe my job as a dance teacher is to inspire passion for the learning process, to create challenging combinations that exercise clear technical principles, and to support students as they work towards excellence in their chosen field.